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New Perfume Review: vero.profumo. NAJA (Vero Kern) 2017 + Serpentine Smoke Draw

Meditation no. 7, 2013, photo by Laurence Demaison © Serpentine curls of smoke rise from pipes as the shaman chants his icaro, or sacred song over the sick. The peppery-sweet aroma of tobacco fills the night air, which is thick with the narcotic perfume of linden blossom. The Naja, or cobra, symbolizing life force, is […]

New Fragrance Review: Imaginary Authors Slow Explosions  (Josh Meyer) + Where There’s Smoke There’s Saffron Draw

Tyler  Shields blows up a  Rolls Royce Slow Explosions! What a fabulous name for a fragrance. The title of the latest offering from Josh Meyer at Imaginary Authors manages, in two words, to convey a myriad of volatile emotions, sensations and scenarios while perfectly describing the nature and the poetry of the fragrance itself.  As […]