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New Fragrance Review: The Different Company Santo Incienso – Sillage Sacre (Alexandra Monet)  2017+ Per Fumare Draw

The Incantation (The Holy Wood) by Paul Serusier, 1891 “Pale as the sacred trees that colonnade the heights to the high temple where incense past mid-night rises burns and goads the dancing spirits farther up the skies."   — Emmanuel George Cefai, “Pale as the Scared Trees” Comfort in Chaos, photo by Josephine Cardin© Shamanic ritual-inspired perfumes […]

Let’s Talk About It! Is Listing Fragrance Notes “Noteworthy”?

While I love poetry and storytelling and tend to wax somewhat "eloquent" when writing about fragrance, I still find the simple, dry lists of top, heart and base notes to be very helpful.  No matter how specific and technical (or vague and incomplete) these lists might be they are often a necessary jumping off point […]

Fragrance Review: MEMO Paris Shams Oud (Alienor Massenet) 2011 + Lawrence of Arabia Draw

Clara Molloy photographed by Sofia Dadourian   In our Creative Directors in Perfumery Series, Clara Molloy who founded Memo Paris wrote “The name of the brand, Memo, comes from Memory. Olfaction is our most archaic sense. A fragrance can reveal you, transform you”. Mme. Molloy works in collaboration with perfumer Alienor Massenet since the brands […]