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New Fragrance Review: The Different Company Santo Incienso – Sillage Sacre (Alexandra Monet)  2017+ Per Fumare Draw

The Incantation (The Holy Wood) by Paul Serusier, 1891 “Pale as the sacred trees that colonnade the heights to the high temple where incense past mid-night rises burns and goads the dancing spirits farther up the skies."   — Emmanuel George Cefai, “Pale as the Scared Trees” Comfort in Chaos, photo by Josephine Cardin© Shamanic ritual-inspired perfumes […]

New Perfume Review: vero.profumo. NAJA (Vero Kern) 2017 + Serpentine Smoke Draw

Meditation no. 7, 2013, photo by Laurence Demaison © Serpentine curls of smoke rise from pipes as the shaman chants his icaro, or sacred song over the sick. The peppery-sweet aroma of tobacco fills the night air, which is thick with the narcotic perfume of linden blossom. The Naja, or cobra, symbolizing life force, is […]

New Perfume Review: Anatole Lebreton Grimoire (2017) + I Put a Spell on You Draw

Grimoire by Autumn Frost Angel, DeviantArt© A grimoire is a manual of magick, a primer in potions, a textbook of talismans. Stored in the pages of ancient vellum are spells, divinations, incantations and lists of the substances used to invoke the spirit world. Homage to Leonardo da Vinci, Odilon Redon, 1908  I would not be […]