New Perfume: M. Micallef 20 Ans (Jean-Claude Astier/Geoffrey Nejman) “Celebrating 20 Years”

-M.Micallef perfume 20 ANS

If you took a peak at my dresser, it is filled with Parfum M. Micallef fragrances and has been since 2005.  There is something about the magic of Geoffrey Nejman and Jean Claude Astier compositions that just loves my skin and Martine Micallef’s  gorgeous crystal studded flacons are always stunning.

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What many readers may not know is that M.Micallef was one, if not the first niche fragrance house,to use  real Oud, when Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman began their company in 1996.  We are pleased to share a sneak preview of their new fragrance 20 Ans (twenty years) that celebrates M.Micallef's major milestone.

Top Notes: Bergamote, Nutmeg, Exotic fruits, White Rose

Mid notes: Orange Flower, Jasmine, Davana, geranium

Base Notes: Patchouli, musk, vanilla, caramel, woods

The davana will do me in (and those around me) every time

Launching in October 2016 50 ml/100ml

Since it can be difficult to order in the USA  and Europe any Micallef be sure to order from their web shop and you get a discount

-Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief


Scentbird is at the Beach: Meet 3 Perfect Summer Perfumes


Scentbird is workin’ the beach this Summer and smelling great while doing it! Check out these three beach-perfect scents that transition perfectly from sun and sand to boys and bonfires.

Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom by Coach

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Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom

Light and Summery with just the right amount of sweetness, this scent smells fresh, but is sure to surprise with creamy vanilla and brown sugar undertones. You’ll delight in the way this scent perfectly mingles with warm sand and light beach breezes.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur

For the daring yet demure beach-goer, this scent gets you noticed even if you’re not trying. With a succulent combination of sparkling mandarin, lush honeysuckle and velvety caramel, you’re bound to turn heads…or was that your itsy-bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini…

L'Eau d'Issey Florale by Issey Miyake

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Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey Florale

You’ll feel like you’re always on vacation with this luminously radiant floral scent. Light and delicious, this scent melds dewy pink rose with warm sandalwood for a very beachy and happy feeling.

Life’s a Beach with Scentbird…

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Perfumes Inspired by Asia


Asia’s unprecedented and unspoiled beauty has been an eternal inspiration to designers of perfumes, who simply cannot suppress the urge that is constantly tugging the creative strings in their mind at creating Eastern themed fragrance masterpieces.

Some of these perfumers are inspired by the Silk Road, some find inspiration with the versatility of the bamboo, some in the quiet temerity of the tea ritual and almost all of them are blindsided by the incredible beauty of the cherry blossom.

The following perfumes aim to recreate the unique blend of sensory perfection: the smell of Asia in its finest glory!

Wicked Style Baby by Harajuku Lovers Scentbird

Wicked Style Baby by Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers is a fragranced homage to the youth-oriented, street-fashion trend in the area surrounding Harajuku Station in Tokyo.

Imagine the world of perfume without the uber modern Japanese pop culture that produced digital pets, a horde of teenagers dressed in scorching bright fluorescent colors: Wicked Style Baby by Harajuku Lovers turned the monochrome olfactory world upside down and painted it into bright scented kaleidoscope.

It’s powdery, sweet, innocent, youthful perfume that tells the story of an entire generation caught somewhere between youth and maturity while maintaining its own voice and character throughout the journey.

The heart of the perfume is comprised of fluffy-bubbly-sweet vanilla, red apple, orchid, candied peach and tropical frangipani. It is mouthwatering, inviting, youthful scent that simply dares you to go skinny-dipping or to finally let go off the bars of your bike.

Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima

 Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima

While Westerners perceive chocolate as the ultimate guilty pleasure with the words comfort tagged to its existence, for Asians chocolate simply resonates on another level: primordial, sexy food with aphrodisiac propensities.

A blend of cocoa powder with rose and watermelon is enough to throw anyone on its knees and offer its final sacrifice to the Gods of Ultimate Indulgence.

This is a perfume that talks about answering the call that resonates deep inside you: to stir and wake up the hibernating Goddess with the drink fit for the Gods.

A gourmand perfume that successfully evades being gourmand in its essence: it is sexy, rich, warm scent, like mastered womanhood.

Extraordinary by Oscar de la Renta Scentbird

Extraordinary by Oscar de la Renta

Personally, this scent’s composition prompts me to think about the rare and luxurious ingredients, which were transported on the Silk Road.

I imagine the perfume kissing the necks of the Japanese Kabuki actresses and their portrayal of unhappy heroines. Their mysterious yet enchanting beauty is hidden underneath a deep facade of makeup, narrating a story of lost love.

A perfume which denotes the ingredients of Asian love: delicate as an orchid, fleeting and beautiful as japanese cherry blossoms and breathtaking as magnolia blossom.

L'eau d'Issey EDT by Issey Miyake Scentbird

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

If modern perfumery had its own Hollywood Walk of Fame, Issey Miyake would have been awarded with the biggest, badass olfactory monument ever.

It is the perfume that tugs heavily on the zen ideology’s strings of being present in the moment and savoring life. Its freshness and exquisiteness reminds me of the prowess of Imperial Japanese Gardens.

It’s Japanese perfection meets futurism: a whisper of wood drenched in a dense, cloudy mist of citrus. It is like being trapped underneath a waterfall, yet you are thirsty for more, unable to control your thirst…

Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge by Bvlgari Scentbird

Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge by Bvlgari

Yunnan, the Chinese red tea variety with its intoxicatingly rich aroma gives way to balance and sensuality in this velvety smooth unisex Bvlgari perfume.

Unlike the white, black or green tea fragrant compositions that exude qualified earthy sense, the red tea is all about hot, burning passion. It’s the flower that takes a dip into the rich concoction of pink pepper and fig.

It is an understated and sensual scent that comes alive when being mixed with the skin. Like tea leaves that need water to fulfill their purpose in life, Eau Parfumee Au The Rouge by Bvlgari craves the skin so it will reveal all of its marvels.

Should come with a health warning that you can actually smell so intoxicatingly close to nirvana and yet being firmly landlocked, here on Earth.

Find Perfumes Inspired by Asia on Scentbird

Travel does not always require a passport. Sometimes all you need is just a few dabs of perfume…

If you’ve always daydreamed about going to Asia but this journey is yet to be planned, then maybe you can satisfy your cravings by bringing the scents of Asia on your skin.

With Scentbird, this is really easy and fun.

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For $ 14.95, Scentbird is your monthly pass to fragrant elegance, chicness and refinement.

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